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"I ordered this lotion that people was raving about. I told Mrs. Tisa that I have eczema and told her all the lotions I put on does not help. She said, try this lotion if it don't work I'll buy it back. I love it! It keeps my skin so moist and soft and I don't have to use a lot."


"I brought lotion from Ms. Tisa and I absolutely love it. My husband asked, what are you wearing it smells good! Yes, I know and it makes my skin feel so soft. Ms. Tisa, I need a refill because he's using it all up.

 Thank you for your service"


"Satin Pleasures truly provides an amazing experience. We had a mix group of both sexes and there were items for both. They were full of life and also very informative of the items they carried! I would definitely recommend them and I know I will definitely be booking again."


 "I love me some Satin-Pleasures because of the service and the passion the owner has for her business. I was having some issues in my relationship and she convinced me to buy this candy called Head Job, boy did I laugh, but i brought it. I said, to myself this sh... wont work, well to my surprise, we tried it and had been laughing ever since. Please don't stop doing what your doing. I need a refill."


"Ms, Brown, is very knowledgeable about the products carries on her site. The product I received was very enjoyable to use."

About Us



Satin-Pleasures hosts in-home adult entertainment parties events that let you indulge in steamy adult thrills, in private. Whether you want to try something hot with your partner or just explore your sexuality, we have everything to make your experience more satisfying.


The Erotic Pleasures Is on Us

We will come to your place to introduce a wide selection of naughty toys, such as rabbit toys, sensual wear, and lustful accessories. Unlike other adult entertainment, we cater to both men and women with wild fantasies. We organize adult toy parties for couples Anniversary, Birthdays, Bachelorette Parties  and more.


Host a Party!

Hosting  Satin- Pleasures adult toy parties, is a great way to get to know us better. In addition to the fun, excitement and education that you and your friends will share, you can earn FREE Satin-Pleasures products. like rabbit toys, swings, and edibles. Satin-Pleasures are designed to inform and educate women through tasteful in-home presentations. At our parties, you will have an opportunity to experience sensual products designed to enhance your sexual relationships.

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